In 1947 Jack Russell, a professional yo-yo player and world champion, took a simple idea and turned it into a company. The company’s name was The Jack Russell Company and for over 50 years he promoted name brand products, linking them directly to his promotions. These promotions were based on a simple yet profound premise. Take a simple toy such as the yo-yo that is easy to learn but difficult to master and create a fad around it. Then link other brands directly to the activities surrounding the yo-yo event. By doing just that, Jack Russell was able to achieve incredible sales results for his clients. Now in its 55th year Russell Promotions, Inc. is still going strong The name was changed to reflect the over all makeup of the company which now included Jack’s family. We have expanded the types of products we offer, keeping with the tradition of “easy to learn but difficult to master” skill related sports. Our clientele has also grown and so have our abilities to market their products. Our long history has also provided us with a recognized brand name enabling us to better market our Clients products. To date we have run successful promotions in over 95 countries, worldwide and will continue to see that number grow as we expand the scope and reach of our timeless products. Russell Promotions, Inc. is located in Stuart, Florida

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